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Wendy McKennon

Oakridge, OR


Welcome viewers to the wonderful world of wendyoriginals! All original art and photographs are created by Artist, Wendy L. McKennon. Please feel free to browse around in my galleries of photos, original artwork, and even miniature sculptures. Unique and OOAK (One of a Kind!)

Your selections will be professionaly printed on canvas, acrylic, high quality photo papers for matting and framing your art prints. And take a look at the customizable greeting cards! But that's not all!!! Now you get your choice of my art printed on....
Throw Pillows
Duvet Covers
Shower Curtains
Towels (Beach and Bath)
Round Beach Towels with fringe
Tote Bags
Weekender Tote Bags
Zippered Pouches
Portable Battery Chargers
Phone Cases
and T-Shirts....All customizable for your convenience!

I accept PayPal for all purchases of my original artwork and sculptures.
A little about the artist......
Wendy L. McKennon (that's me) was born in North Hollywood, CA. and then moved to the North Oregon Coast and was raised in a small, artsy town of Cannon Beach! Living directly in front of the famous "Haystack Rock & the Needles" is where I was truely inspired in all my artistic adventures as a "home-grown" artist! And of course my logo design! wendyoriginals was born!

I enjoy working with just about every art medium possible, including photography in which I combine with my artwork. I also make dollhouse scale or even tinier miniatures. My best seller are my handmade miniature real working snowglobes! They measure only 3/4 of an inch tall! Check out my video on Youtube showing how they work! But I have finally found an art medium that incorporates all my favorites; sculpture, painting, 3D properties, texture, mixed-media, and my beloved miniatures. My 3D relief art paintings are original and unique, textured and highly detailed. "Paintings that Stand Out!" And they come UV ray protected with permanent archival varnish, framed and ready to hang on your wall. I have sold my miniature sculptures online and my collections are all over the world. Thank you, internet!

I have a wonderful art studio in my home of Oakridge, Oregon and I'm always coming up with new creations and photos to share. Thank you for visiting and enjoy yourself here!
~Wendy L. McKennon


Wide Sky by Wendy McKennon


Beach Craters by Wendy McKennon


Mighty Cedar by Wendy McKennon


Summer Set by Wendy McKennon


Westward HO by Wendy McKennon


Friendly Flicker by Wendy McKennon


Balloon Bottom by Wendy McKennon


Beach Bubble Boy by Wendy McKennon


Escargot Anyone by Wendy McKennon


Bubble Biters by Wendy McKennon


Double Bubbles by Wendy McKennon


BIG Bubbles by Wendy McKennon


Blow a Wish by Wendy McKennon


Firery Roses by Wendy McKennon


Survival by Wendy McKennon


Yellow Fields Horse by Wendy McKennon


MOOma and Calf by Wendy McKennon


Spring Goose by Wendy McKennon


Goat Fun by Wendy McKennon


Atlas Moth by Wendy McKennon


Rock Lizard by Wendy McKennon


Calm Camels by Wendy McKennon


Lovin' Stripes by Wendy McKennon


Lake Dog by Wendy McKennon


Gull Talk by Wendy McKennon


Walking Horse by Wendy McKennon


Easter Egg Speckle by Wendy McKennon


Safari Giraffe by Wendy McKennon


Universe to Dye for by Wendy McKennon


Victorian by Wendy McKennon


Egg Crackle by Wendy McKennon


Light Structure by Wendy McKennon